Creative Loafing Recruiting Ads

Art Direction: David Sizemore
Design and photography: Jason Travis

MailChimp was looking to hire a bunch of new folks to work in support at our headquarters in Atlanta. But we were running into a problem: we had more positions open than qualifed applicants.

We had putting on 'Meet and Greets' to try and find people, but we were relying on social media and word of mouth to let people know the events were occuring. We needed to figure out how to make a MailChimp recruiting ad.

Tone was important. MailChimp is a great place to work, and kind of a weird place to work. It needed to be brief, and human. I had free reign, and started coming up with copy. "Make Dad Proud" might be my favorite.

The photography felt right. I added longer phrases. I cut all the words. I flipped images. It was weird. Weird was what we wanted.

Handwriting added in the right amount humanity into the ads. I did a few, and I asked Jason if he could try some. He has amazing handwriting. He nailed the headlines, and we decided to make the whole thing handwritten.

The first ad was "Sup," and over the next two weeks we followed with "Nite Owls" and "We're Friendly." Jason did the photography and type for all three pieces, and they turned out perfect.

The response was better than we had anticipated. The event we were advertising was packed, with over five times normal attendance. We saw some great people, and hired them. Success.


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