MailChimp Features Page

MailChimp's Features page is one of the more important pages on the site. Most users land on the home page, look at the features for a bit, check out pricing, and then, hopefully, give MailChimp loads of money. Or they sign up for free.

We wanted to create a compelling image to support the screenshot at the top of the page. Keeping the theme of the faux example campaign company we were using in screenshots, Nom Depot, we decided to use food.

Fun fact! Fish smells bad if you leave it out for hours and shine bright lights on it. This is our original photo, and the final image used on the page.

Our local alt weekly newspaper came by to interview our CEO, and wanted ‘action’ shots of something ‘creative.’ My mom was proud/confused.

We knew fish was on the menu, but it took lot of grocery shopping to lock down the other props.

Unfortunately for us, most of the really tasty stuff doesn't do well unfridgerated for long periods of time. I don't think we ever touched the cheese.

But the artisinal Coke was *delicious.*


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