Using AI to Generate AI Prompts

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This tweet caught my eye today, thanks to Darren Booth, and I wanted to try out this process.

I didn’t deviate at all from his prompt suggestions, just changing hamburgers to negronis, but it was immediately evident how useful this could be in developing all types of different prompts.

I tried out the prompts in DALL·E 2 and DreamStudio / Stable Diffusion, and generally preferred the outcome of DreamStudio.

You can check out some more of the images I generated below. Looking forward to revisiting this next time I need models for illustrations.

Clear, stemmed, martini glass, Orange twist, Natural light, diffused with white fabric, Brass bar spoon, coasters, White marble countertop, Overhead, looking down, Negroni in the foreground, garnish in the background, Classic, simple presentation

Frosted, double old fashioned glass, Luxardo cherry, Backlighting with lightbox, Bottle of Campari, ice cubes, Textured wallpaper, Eye level, from the front, Negroni off-center, garnish and props placed diagonally, Elegant, sophisticated presentation

Was having fun, so here’s some kitchens, too.

Prompt: Recessed lighting and task lighting above the sink, A diagonal composition with the sink in the foreground, A monochromatic color scheme of white with black accents, A tiled floor with geometric pattern, Angular lines of the cabinets and shelving, A set of matching canisters on the counter and a small plant on the windowsill, A straight-on shot of the sink, The texture of the floor and backsplash tiles, The proportion of the sink to the cabinets and counter space, A mirrored backsplash.

Prompt: Pendant lights above the sink and island, An off-center composition with the stove in the foreground, A bright and bold color scheme of yellow and green with white accents, A brick backsplash with glossy finish, Angular lines of cabinets and island, A tea kettle and stack of cookbooks on counter, A diagonal shot from the corner of the kitchen, The proportion of the island to the rest of the kitchen, The placement of the cookbooks on either side of the stove

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